Examples of Major Projects Involving Surveyors

Sydney Harbour Bridge


Sydney Harbour Bridge was resurfaced in January 2012, closing it for two weeks – the longest period in its 80-year history. Roads and Maritime Services Surveyors were integral to this project; their work starting about 18 months before the resurfacing took place. 

They established benchmarks along the western fence and carriageway. About 2,500 core-holes were drilled, without damaging the heritage-listed concrete, in order to take observations and measurements. These observations were combined with PAVESET computer analysis, to enable Surveyors to control the depths of bitumen and ensure a smooth running surface upon completion. 

Sydney Opera House


The shells and tiles of the Sydney Opera House had to be sited to 3mm accuracy. This was the most challenging three dimensional structure ever built in Australia. In the mid-1960s, Sydney only had one computer, the size of a room to assist with the complex Spatial calculations. 
The Surveyors were responsible for ensuring that all 10,000 tile bolts were aligned correctly so that prefabricated tiles would fit like a huge jigsaw puzzle. This was all achieved in the days before portable electronic instruments. Surveyors continue to monitor the Opera House for any signs of settling or deformation.


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