Identification Surveys


What is an Ident?
A survey which is required for the purpose of identifying existing buildings and improvements on a parcel of land is referred to as an Identification Survey or just Ident. It may only be undertaken by a Registered Surveyor.

When do you need an Ident Report?

It is always recommended to engage a Surveyor for an Ident survey when you are purchasing a property. Your solicitor will normally obtain an Ident report as a matter of course. He does so to protect you against any problems which can only be detected by a Surveyor. The Vendor Disclosure Legislation requires obligatory warranties and other statutory information from a vendor of the property. The Ident report can supply other required information and speed up the sale.

Why should you get an Ident Survey?

Through your Ident Survey you can be sure that you are not buying any problems that may make the property difficult to sell in the future or create anxiety with neighbours or public authorities before you even move in. More importantly, you are sure that you are buying the property that you have been shown and whether or not the property has any defects which may devalue it.

What Information is supplied in an Ident Report?

A Surveyor measures the site involved to determine the location of buildings on or adjacent to the land and any fences present. He will check for the existence of Easements (for drainage, etc.), Covenants and Restrictions on land use, and whether or not the subject land complies with the terms of these conditions. The Surveyor pays special attention to any encroachments by or upon the land or upon any Easements. In the instance of a residence the Surveyor will report on the distances of the walls or eaves and gutters from the side boundary of the land.

What other checks are needed?

Your survey may be ordered in conjunction with other reports such as building and pest inspections. Your solicitor will carry out other necessary checks to protect your purchase during the period before final settlement of the contract.

Value of an Ident

Remember that the legal principle "Caveat Emptor" (Let the buyer beware) applies to all land transactions. From an Ident you will have the assurance that the property you purchased will not create problems for you afterwards. The Ident survey fee generally represents less than 0.25% of the cost of your property - a small amount to Protect Your Biggest Investment.

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