Surveyors Copyright Claims

In 2008, Copyright Agency Ltd (CAL) lodged a successful case with the High Court to have Surveyor’s copyright claims acknowledged. Surveyors had been concerned that since 1997, there had been extensive use of their works for commercial purposes by the NSW State Government, and therefore asked CAL to negotiate with the State Government for payment on their behalf.

As a result of this case, the Government (via CAL) has begun making payments to Surveyors of copyright fees for work undertaken in 2013. Later in 2015, CAL will be distributing retrospective payments from the NSW Government for survey plans sold between 2003 and 2012.

The lodgment of this successful case in 2008 was driven by the then Chairman of ACS NSW and Surveyors are now benefiting from the extent of the work carried out by the association at that time. 


So that the NSW Government can be invoiced, and CAL can subsequently pay Surveyors for their work, CAL requires the following information (in a spread sheet):

• A list of DP and SP numbers. Instructions on how to search for these on the LPI Six Site can be provided if needed.
• Up-to-date company/contact details
• ABN numbers, if not previously supplied
• Banking details
• Company history, which needs to include any changes of business name and/or mergers
• Surveyor employee names, both past and present

This information can be emailed to or for more information, call CAL on 1800 066 844.

Surveyors just need to be a current member of CAL to receive payment. Membership is free and information regarding membership is available on the CAL website at

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