What is a Land Surveyor?


There are many different types of Surveyors. Members of ACS NSW are Land Surveyors, which means that they determine property boundaries and prepare maps and survey plots accordingly.

They are professionals with academic qualifications, technical expertise, interpretative ability and management skills to practice the discipline of surveying for the benefit of society. Registered surveyors are often referred to as cadastral surveyors because of their involvement in maintaining the cadastre by the locating and marking of property boundaries.

Land Surveying encompasses just some of the following activities, with surveyors involved in one or more of these (within some in conjunction with other professionals): 

  • Providing the spatial infrastructure needed to support an effective cadastral and land tenure system
  • Determining, locating and defining the boundaries of public and private land (including national boundaries), interpreting anomalies in the cadastre, and arbitrating on disputes over boundary location.
  • Designing and establishing spatial reference systems to provide a homogeneous framework for geographic and land information systems.
  • Collecting, analysing and managing geographic data and designing, establishing and administering land and geographic information systems.
  • Providing information and advice, pertinent to property and its environment, to assist in determining the best sustainable land use and development.
  • Assessing the potential benefits or disadvantages that could accrue from property development and advising clients and governments accordingly.
  • Contributing to the development and management of urban and rural properties by planning, advising, negotiating, and implementing procedures.
  • Planning, estimating, designing, measuring, and managing construction works and applying prudent financial control.

  • Producing plans, maps, files, databases, models, charts and reports for clients.


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