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In 2011 ACS NSW drove an alliance with Consulting Surveyors Victoria (ACSV) to form Consulting Surveyors National, which has now grown to become the peak national body representing Surveyors.  

The goodwill that developed through the sharing of ideas between ACS NSW and ACSV reinforced that, even though the legislative frameworks of the states are derived from parochial influences, there are many areas of common interest and numerous opportunities for collaboration.

The increasing tendency of Government to look toward national legislation and the growing number of issues on the national agenda prompted ACS NSW and ACSV to take the initiative by jointly forming Consulting Surveyors National. The forming of this association has allowed the needs of Surveyors to be represented on a national level.

Consulting Surveyors National is growing quickly to over three hundred and fifty member firms, with members from NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia and the ACT.


Membership to this national association is free with a paid membership to ACS NSW.


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