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ACS NSW has a close working relationship with a number of industry bodies and organisations, with many of these providing services to its members:





 ACS NSW is strongly linked to ACSIS Limited, a company providing professional indemnity insurance within the surveying and spatial information industries. Owned by its members, who are mainly within the surveying and spatial information industries, ACSIS Ltd is an Australian-based professional.

ACSIS Ltd (originally known as the  Australian Consulting Surveyors Insurance Society) has now been in operation for almost 30 years. During its years of operation ACSIS Ltd has created a stable environment for PI Insurance and policy conditions that are the envy of many other profession

The ACSIS Ltd board comprises of up to 8 directors who are industry professionals and who take advice from insurance brokers, financial and insurance product providers, safety specialists, solicitors and other suitably qualified professionals.

ACSIS Ltd continues to encourage a culture of risk management amongst its members, ensuring that both claims and premiums are kept at a minimum.


Visit the ACSIS website at for further information.









 AusSearch is a partnership between ACS NSW and leading information brokers, Infotrack. 


It is the most comprehensive online title search facility, with wide ranging benefits for not only the surveying industry, but other related industries, such as certifiers, architects, engineers, local councils and government departments, just to name a few. 

The easy-to-use system has benefits for a broad range of industries, including Suveyors, accredited certifiers, architects, engineers, local councils and government departments, just to name a few. 

AusSearch provides a range of information, including Title, Plan, Dealing, 88B, Street Address, Scan on Demand, Service Location Print, Cadastral Record Enquiries, Cancelled Title Image, ASIC, PPSR and more.

Fast links to business searches, debt chasing and other national databases make AusSearch the most extensive online search facility.


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