CPD Bank and Points System


CPD Bank, an initiative of ACS NSW, is an easy-to-use continuing professional development points management system for the Surveying industry.


The overall registration process for events in CPD Bank is simple: saving time for every surveyor using the system.  The public event calendar on the home page allows users to review upcoming events before logging in to the system, and event notifications sent to users contain a direct link to the event for fast registration.


A key feature is the corporate log-in system, which allows an employer to view CPD accounts for all employees within the one organisation. The employer can access a summary of all team event attendance records, plus register multiple staff members for an event via one easy process.


   To create a CPD Bank account, please go to the website at www.cpdbank.com.au

Allocating CPD Points from other events into CPD Bank

If a member of ACS NSW has attended an event though another industry association and would like the CPD points for this event allocated to their CPD Bank account, then please send a copy of the Certificate of Attendance from the Event Organiser to Jo Peh at admin@acsnsw.com.au. If you do not have a Certificate of Attendance, please provide the following three items:

1. Receipt / name tag for the event

2. Program for the event

3. A report detailing what you have learned from the sessions.

If an event run by another organisation has not been allocated CPD points, then the event must be assessed for these points. To get an event assessed, please complete a CPD Event Assessment form and send it, along with a Certificate of Attendance (see above) to Jo Peh at admin@acsnsw.com.au. 

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