ACS NSW is involved in projects which promote the industry and drive change

The Association has been involved in the establishment and development of a number of industry projects and project groups, which are in place to create positive change for the profession. 


One such group is the Surveying Taskforce.

In 2014 a Surveying Taskforce was formed to tackle the issue of a dwindling supply of Surveyors within NSW. The main aim of this Taskforce is to promote the profession to students and people considering a career change, in order to increase the number of Surveying students, and in turn boost numbers in the Surveying workforce.  The Taskforce has a number of strategies in place to achieve this goal, including school-based educational programs to increase the number of students interested in Surveying. 


For further information about this Taskforce, please visit

The Surveying Taskforce is actively participating in a number of stand-alone and co-operative projects with government and industry organisations.  For further information on these projects, please visit the Projects and Reports section of this website. (link through to News and Opinion_ Projects and Reports).

Research Projects

Driven by ACS NSW, an industry wide demand study has was undertaken by BIS Shrapnel  in 2012 which indicates that in future years there will be significant shortages in the number of Surveyors within NSW. This study - 'Determining the Future Demand, Supply and Skills Gap for Surveying and Geospatial Professionals 2014 -2024' - highlights that action is required now to ensure that this shortage is curtailed and that Surveying firms have an adequate pool of Surveyors to employ to cover the volume of work they are undertaking.

The report was updated in 2014 and now contains analyses of many other states.  To view the latest version of the Demand Study, please see the News and Opinion area of this site. 


Involvement in CPSISC

The Association's CEO, Dr Veronica Bondarew, is on the board of the Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council (CPSISC), which is the official skills development voice of the construction and property services industries in Australia. CPSISC develops, manages and distributes nationally recognised Training Packages and associated training and assessment materials, which are vital for the continuation and progression of the Surveying profession.


Surveying and Mapping Industry Council of NSW

The Surveying and Mapping Industry Council of NSW (SMIC) is the geospatial information industry body in NSW, with representatives from government, private industry, professionals and the tertiary education sectors.


ACS NSW sits on this council as participation ensures that all groups work cohesively on industry projects and that communication channels are open. For more information on SMIC, visit

The Drive for more University Surveying Courses

To address the current and future shortage of Surveyors in NSW, work is being undertaking by ACS NSW to ensure there are adequate Surveying courses available to all potential surveying students throughout the state.  This project involves seeking the cooperation of universities and TAFE institutions to create greater access to surveying courses and hence increase the number of graduate surveyors.

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